thanks to Andre and Greg for info on these mods.

how cool do these look!!!

more pics....

Installation notes sent in...

As some people asked me to show some pictures of my Guns & Roses with the Neon Snake, I uploaded some photos. I also installed a red neon tube behind the backbox topper, which IMHO, is a nice upgrade, too. Each neon can be switched on and off seperately.

I used a 12" cold cathode light kit. It's one of those you get on ebay. They are normally sold for PC modding. Here's a link for such an auction: Backup of Auction

As for the neon wiring. I was told that you can hook them up to one of the rectifiers in the backbox but I was not so familiar with the wiring there and decided to just plug a cheap 12 volts power supply into the service outlet (located in the cabinet) to supply the neons with 12 volts. Radio Shack sells them for a few bucks. 500mA is enough power to handle the lights.

Maybe you ask the rgp folks about the 12 volts DC rectifier issue since it would be easier if one could manage to hook it up directly to the internal power supply.

I would recommend to use some good tape to fix the neon to the snake. Mine fell off already. I might try to use some glue.


Here is info on "el-wire" for the G-ramp lights...
Here is the link for the place where I got my el-wire...
I used the 2.3mm size and it worked out great.