if you're here - hopefully you own a gnr pinball! this is a collection of info just for us. if you have anything to share please send it to me and i'll throw it up here. if you're looking for pics of parts - i have them all in the PICS link back on the main page. i'm trying to make sure i have pics of every available option for this game (still need stock headphone jack, 2nd version of playfield, etc). some of these are webpages i have archived in case they disappear someday...


Axl Scoop - repair tips / hole protector / coil replacement

Data East Repair Guide - Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

FAQ 1 - Ryan Dunn's (doc)

FAQ 2 - "storms" (txt)

FAQ 3 - misc playing/scoring tips


Magnet board fix 1

Magnet fix 2 (move to backbox)

Manual (pdf)

Manual - wiring schematics (pdf)

Neon mods - (thanks to Andre Brockschmidt)

Parts - where to buy stuff

Pictures - all pics are stored here: ramps, snakes, mods, etc

Plastics - (tif scans from ballsofsteel.net)

Plastics (reproducing) - make your own reproductions (backup)


TSB #60 - new cabinate design (pdf)

TSB #63 - autoloaunch (pdf)

TSB #64 - shooting ramp (pdf)