From: Russel Willoughby (
Subject: Re: GNR Magnet Issue                     
Date: 2001-08-05 09:10:54 PST 

>Good luck actually solving the problem. If you find a real solution,
>please post it here.

I have been informed (thanks, Clay!) that there is a suggested
solution to this problem that I did not know about when I was working
on my GnR a couple of years ago.

The fix is to move the magnet board to the backbox, so that the wiring
from the CPU to the magnet board is as short as possible. Of course,
this also means running long wires from the playfield magnets up to
the backbox. Sounds like kind of a pain to do, but worth a shot if you
really want to get your GnR magnets working reliably.

Russel Willoughby