First are some interesting links to existing FAQs and write-ups. Good reading for learning the basics or refreshing your knowledge...

Zaino Bros web site This is where it all starts

Read this to find out why Zaino is so great

Then read the list of reasons to use Zaino

Paint chips Fix paint chips (1 by Chris Parrish & 1 by Bruce98F from

Purchase towels Exactly what you need for drying, using zaino...

Zaino Detailed Application Tips Emailed to me by Sal Zaino himself

(more) Zaino Application Tips Great "How-To" for Zaino products from the LA distributor

Zaino Tips @

Zaino FAQ @


Second is a collection of info i've grabbed and saved. Most of these are small pages (compared to the ones above) and are directed towards specific questions, products, or useage. Since many sites on the internet "disappear" or move, some stuff i've saved a copy of. I've tried to give as much credit as i can to the authors and origional site hosting the info. If i have added anything to it - i've tried to mark it so...

Carnauba = Why NOT to use carnauba waxes

Swirl Marks = Swirl marks All about swirls and what you can do about them; 3M, Z5, towels

Swirl Marks - Products = 3M Swirl Remover instructions

Towels = Towels and towel prep

Water Spots = Water spots What to do about water spots

Zaino - Products = Shelf Life Shelf life for zaino products

Zaino - Products = ZFX Learn about the new ZFX product

Zaino - Products = How many drops The ZFX vial looks small - but...

Zaino - Reviews = page 1 page 2 (Unknown magazine source)

Zaino - Reviews = page 1 page 2 (Corvette Fever 5/2000)

Zaino - Reviews = Z16 Review by