STB install

This is a 10-15 minute mod. It'll probably take you longer to read this than to install your STB.

MAKE SURE your car is sitting on the ground (so the suspension is loaded) and that the car is level!!!


15 mm deep well socket. A regular socket won't work.
Socket wrench
That's about it...

Find the shock tower bolts/nuts. This is probably the hardest part of this install.

Unbolt the nuts.

Put the STB on. I put some electric tape on the bottom of the STB to hopefully cut down some of the metal-to-metal contact. It won't hurt anything, but maybe will save some of the paint and powder coat.

Make sure the STB is centered and torque the nuts down to 32-foot lbs. And no you probably won't fit a torque wrench on the inside nuts so just try as best you can to torque them down like you did the outside ones.

That was really hard wasn't it???