Engine Oil

Ok - should you use dino oil or synthetic oil??? After all the research and posts on LS1.com, I've come to the decision that as long as you change the oil and filter on a regular basis - IT DOES NOT MATTER! This topic will be debated back-and-forth forever. Pick one and change it on time.

Personally, I use synthetic in all my cars now. My synthetic of choice is Royal Purple. Other than what came in it brand new and the first oil change - Royal Purple is the only oil that I will put in my car. You used to be able to buy it a NAPA stores - but lately I haven't been able to. Now i buy it from Oil Town - they sell it for a good price and it's always in stock. I use the 5w30 (as recommended by GM).

I change my own oil. The more I can do to my car myself - the better. I say do it yourself also - buy some Rhino Ramps from Advanced Auto Parts for $30 and check out the Install University for good instructions on doing it. I recommend the AC Delco filters (as listed at Install University). More info on filters can be found HERE.

Some good links to read more about Royal Purple, check out the following...
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