Order GM parts from Dal - best price you'll get!!!

Dal Slabaugh (he even has a '95 TA 'vert!)
used to work here - now still there but works from home office...
Van Devere Olds - Akron, Ohio

Criswell Chevrolet 503 Quince Orchard Rd. Gaithersburg, Md. 20878 Dealer phone 301-948-0880 Parts Dept. 888-466-9101 Parts Dept. Fax 301-670-0936 Parts Dept. direct 301-590-1458 Since this is a large operation, Chris asks that you first talk to Kevin Burdette in the parts dept. and identify yourself as a Fiero list member to get the "trade" price on any GM parts. If he is busy, or if you have any questions, you can ask for Chris. Parts prices will be the same he was able to offer through Galaxy, and yes, they will UPS at no charge for shipping, BUT, this dealership will charge all purchasers (any state) a 5% Maryland tax. Apparently there are enforceable intrastate mail order tax laws that Chriswell feels they must abide by to avoid any tax collection problems.

Cool(?) GM Zone Rep (also from post on LS1.com)

Mel Meltzer 1-800-231-1841

Grabbed these off a post at LS1.com... yes they are real!

Jack Smith - Pres of GM (Secretary Pool)
(313) 556-5000 [President's Office]

John G Middlebrook - CEO of GM
775 Peach Tree Ln
Rochester, MI 48306
HOME Phone: (248) 651-7372

More GM contacts HERE!

Chevrolet Internet Response Center
Email Customer Complaints

Chevrolet Motor Division : cac@chevrolet.com