AutoTap = Find out all about atap here. (Excellent customer support also)
AutoTap is an OBDII scan tool. Yes there are other scan tools tools out there - but atap is the most popular and probably one of the best. You must remember atap is only a scan tool - you cannot modify any values in your car's computer, only read them. You can also use atap to read and clear SES codes. So you can use atap to see how your car is running, but you'll need something else to fix it. That's where stuff like LS1 Edit and MAF Translators come in.

You'll at least need to get atap and a laptop to run it on. Most people will need to get the atap hardware and software with enhanced parameters (atap part # KAT1WEPT). Some parameters not supported in the generic software are Knock Retard and Fuel Trim Cells, etc. Atap will send you the necessary cables and the software. You will have to get your latop on your own.

Similar to atap - but a few more controls since it is designed specifically for the LS1 engine. It is gaining popularity over atap. It can be purchased from B&B Electronics (atap) and you can use your atap interface cable to connect to the PCM. EFILive is a scan tool, some report it being more "user friendly" than atap. It also has bi-directional controls which allow you to temporarily change some operations of the PCM (they are NOT permanant, this is NOT an editor).

Carputing, LLC = LS1 Edit
This is the only editor currently available for the LS1. This is the only place to get it. Edit is a programmer only! Meaning you need to get atap or some type of scanner to see how your car is running. If you want to tune your car - this is the one to get.


Diablo = DiabloSport Predator
Doesn't support pre-1999 ls1's. Think of a hypertec on steriods. Handheld, does live scanning, contains simple tunes or you can send it in (and pay) to have a custom tune put in it. You must pay the retailer for custom tunes that they will make, you can download and upload to your PCM. At this time it does not support logging so i do not consider it a scanner.

Ease = Another scanner. Possibly better than atap depending on who you talk to ;-) i have not used it yet - so i can't comment one way or the other. if you want more info about ease - best to contact jr over at

Ramchargers = Use a MAF Translator to adjust your A/F
If you want to tune your A/F the cheapest way, get a MAFT (and a scanner). This is the place to buy one from. Has 2 dials, 1 for cruise and 1 for wot. However, a maft is simply "tricking" the PCM to adjust your A/F...