Below is a collection of files - configs for atap and Excel templates. If you have any to contribute - please contact me on!

You are probably here for the group Excel sheet from - that is the main file we keep here. It is a group development project that was started for tuning A/F ratios since we all know the C5Forum sheet is not completely accurate.

atap_ls1.zipThese are the LS1 project files made by Renegade Rott and myself that contains
lots of A/F tuning info, injector duty cycles, and more that is still being developed.
atap__nmb-ws6driver's link great excel sheet from NMB-WS6 Driver @ (i have backups in the FILES folder) excel sheet that produces a dyno graph by LXH89 @

Files Individual files can be found here, make sure to look at the _readme.txt