Atap and Edit info

(STANDARD DISCLAIMER - i take no responsiblity if you break your car while attempting or after performing any tuning to your car! I'm basically saving stuff that i'm learning and throwing it up here to maybe help some one else get started. I'm only using this on my 1998 Formula so other makes and models are probably going to be different.

Once you start getting so far into your mods, it'll come time to tune your car. Even some simple bolt-ons can use some tuning to get your full power increase. Hell - it's fun just to play and see what your car is really doing! This page is nothing more than a collection of useful atap and edit info that might help you start learning. As i mentioned - i'm no atap master, i'm still learning all this myself. Remember that atap is only a scan tool - you cannot modify your PCM with it - only read what it's doing. LS1 Edit is the editor.

If you're just starting with atap, you're probably wanting to adjust your a/f and need to learn what to do. Go to the FILES section below and get the good Excel sheets! I'll be adding info here - but i've also listed some great places to go if you have questions or need help.

What do i need??? Atap, LS1Edit, Ease, etc - what do you need, where to get it...
What to shoot for? What numbers do i want to get and how do i get them?
Acronyms Collection of acronyms and what they stand for.
Files Collection of Excel sheets and Atap configs.
FTC ListList of the Fuel Trim Cells
Injector Duty CycleChart
Injector Flow Rates(archived)
O2 Voltageo2's and a/f
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As usual, is a great place for help. Come find us in the TUNING forum.
TeamZR1TeamZR1's page. This is THE PLACE to go to learn all about tuning you LS1!!!! New forum just for tuning the LS1. Eric has a nice atap FAQ started over there Nice beginner guide to using LS1 Edit. writeupBackup copy of the beginner guide from the c5forum (newbies read this first BUT ONLY to get a basic understanding of what you'll be doing! there are many inaccurate details...)